Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bed and Breakfast?

Bed and breakfast (B&B) lodgings have their roots in ancient times. In parts of a countryside where public inns were not always available, weary travelers would be accommodated by a local family who would provide food and lodging for a fee. B&Bs have been popular in Britain and Europe for many years, and more recently have gained wide acceptance in North America. They are now a popular type of accommodation. The modern B&B provides the same type of environment as its ancient counterpart. The emphasis is on hospitality in a family setting. The visitors are greeted by the host and given overnight accommodations and, in the morning, they join the host family for a leisurely breakfast and social conversation.

How do B&Bs differ from hotels or motels?

B&Bs come in all shapes and sizes. The number of rooms may vary from one up to twenty, and breakfast is always included with your stay. Typically, the owner is your host and will see to your needs during your stay. Since B&Bs are privately owned, no two properties are alike. Among B&Bs, you may select from grand historic mansions to contemporary gems, cozy cottages, urban inns, houseboats or working ranches. Offering a unique style of lodging and service, unmatched by hotels or motels, your B&B innkeepers are local residents who know their area and the best it has to offer. They are proud to share their inns as well as their region, and take great pride in directing guests to the finest attractions and activities the area has to offer.

How do you select a B&B Inn?

B&B travelers know what they are seeking in a B&B. Gourmands may search for those inns that serve fabulous multi-course breakfasts. Traverlers seeking solitude may choose a cabin or cottage where they can eat breakfast in private at their leisure. Each B&B offers various amenities from whirlpool baths to towel heaters, WiFi , ocean or mountain views, fireplaces. The choices are endless, so choose what appeals to you most.

How much does it cost to stay at a B&B?

Prices vary from inn to inn and will be based upon location and amenities. Guests are offered personalized service, selection and quality. The cost may be less than comparable accommodations in a hotel or motel, especially when the price of breakfast is included.

I’ve heard you have to share a bathroom, is that true?

Today it is more typical to find B&Bs with all guest rooms, or at least some guest rooms, with private baths. Just ask ahead of making your reservations.

What should I expect for breakfast?

Breakfast can vary from multi-course gourmet delights to satisfying continentals. Our members are proud of the food they prepare, so if you have any questions, just ask!

What is required to reserve a room?

Most B&Bs will request a credit card and/or deposit to secure your reservation. Payment and cancellation policies vary widely by inn, so be sure to ASK. Reselling a cancelled room at the last minute can be difficult for a small property, which is why inns have cancellation policies to which they adhere.

Since B&B owners usually live in their inn and are home all the time, can I show up before check-in time to see if my room is ready?

Most B&Bs are small properties where your hosts literally do everything: cooking, cleaning, grounds keeping, shopping. Typically the hours between 10:00am and 4:00pm are when your innkeepers are busy preparing the inn for guests’ arrival. Just as each B&B is unique, so are their policies (check-in, check-out, cancellation, smoking, pets, children). Be sure to ask about anything you are uncertain of BEFORE you make your reservation.